Scalp Micropigmentation with Hair

One of the most commonly asked questions received by technicians in any given SMP clinic is the option of receiving scalp micropigmentation with hair and is it actually possible?

Whoever experiences hair loss will understand the mental pain it can cause. We all know it happens, the world over, but it doesn’t make it easy for people. However, not everyone suffers extensive hair loss, but that doesn’t mean to say the hair thinning isn’t visible. And when that’s the case, this is where scalp micropigmentation with hair steps in.

Each strand and follicle becomes a valuable entity. So the idea behind damaging or losing more of that precious and existing hair creates an instant psychological battle that’s already raging from within. It goes without saying the questions surrounding scalp micropigmentation with hair are endless. So let’s try and allay the fears and discuss the most frequently asked questions, beginning with the most recurring.

Do I need to shave my scalp for an SMP treatment?

It is absolutely not necessary to shave your scalp when receiving your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. A technician will simply work their way through your scalp and hairline, section by section. To add, the length of your hair also doesn’t actually matter. Scalp micropigmentation with hair will work whether you wear your current hair long or short.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation damage the existing hair follicles?

Absolutely and unequivocally not. SMP treatment is a holistic approach to hair restoration and all pigments used are natural and organic. Any of the existing hair follicles that are healthy and untouched by any of the range of alopecias will remain undamaged.

Will my prescribed hair restoration medication continue to work?

It’s commonplace for a medical professional to prescribe treatments for hair loss and often these treatments are topical. Once your SMP has been completed and your prescribed medication is back to the normal routine, hair growth will continue.

Will I need a full head of scalp micropigmentation or can I just receive SMP in the zones where the hair loss is visible?

Each hair loss patient is different. Often, when women are experiencing female pattern baldness, the central parting begins to separate. When this is the case, usually SMP is only necessary throughout the widening section. With male pattern baldness or patch baldness it can be different. Owing to the nature of the alopecias in hand, a full head of scalp micropigmentation with hair may be necessary.

It’s clear to anyone, hair loss is extremely difficult to live with. For this reason, choosing scalp micropigmentation as a preferred hair loss treatment is a great solution for the restoration of your hairline. It’s a natural treatment that offers guaranteed results and can be the ultimate key to regaining confidence lost through alopecias.

There are many benefits to receiving scalp micropigmentation treatments which far outweigh the negatives. If you are suffering from any of the alopecias where your hair is simply thinning or causing patch baldness, scalp micropigmentation with hair is an ideal solution which will create an illusion of density to an existing head of hair.