Scalp Micropigmentation VS Scalp Microblading

Before we discuss the pros and cons, Scalp Micropigmentation VS Scalp Microblading, it’s probably a good idea to quickly go through the definitions of these two aesthetic treatments. So here we go :

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is an aesthetic treatment where tiny dots of pigment are implanted into the scalp to create the illusion of the iconic buzz-cut. Also occasionally referred to hair tattooing, it’s a hair restoration solution that is slowly but surely becoming a household name.

What is Scalp Microblading?

As with Scalp Micropigmentation, it is an aesthetic treatment where hair-like strokes are implanted into the scalp to create the illusion of density to a thinning head of hair. It is administered differently to Scalp Micropigmentation and microblading is a household name that is moreover associated with eyebrows.

So before we go any further with the SMP versus Scalp Microblading debate, let’s just have a small look at microblading in itself. It’s predominantly known as a procedure which provides a slightly more permanent solution to a thin brow. Its aim is to help achieve those dream brows and is administered using a hand-held blade type tool. This tool is used to create small, fine strokes of pigment. The end result is for it to mimic real hairs.

However, some bright spark along the way decided it might be a great idea to use the same techniques on a scalp with a goal of hiding hair loss.

Now we all know, hair loss is common. It affects both men and women and treating the problem is both time-consuming, expensive and not always able to provide results. However, the question in hand is, realistically, can microblading really replicate strands of hair on the scalp. Can it conceal thinning hairlines?

And to answer the question – yes, of course, it can. However, keep on reading. And that’s in bold for a reason. And it’s because there is a huge problem when microblading techniques meet the scalp.

As a temporary measure, it’s pretty logical that if you apply hair-like strokes into a thinning hairline, the result is going look fairly good. The scalp’s thining, microblading fills in the gaps. However, the follicles on a scalp are decidedly different to that on a brow. They are not the same density, they don’t possess the same pattern, they are not even the same shape. Some follicles have one strand, some have upwards of three. They’re irregular. A strand of hair on your head results from months of growth and only begins it’s life as a follicle. Cut into that follicle and it’s possible game over for future hair growth.

Anyone considering scalp microblading will be doing so as they are looking to create density or maybe an illusion of hairs existing in zones where it’s needed. As times roll on, there is a distinct possibility that hair loss becomes more pronounced. If you’ve damaged and traumatized the existing follicles which have been suffering from the initial hair loss, you risk a look that is patchy and unsightly.

So to answer the initial question of Scalp Micropigmentation VS Scalp Microblading there is no question that SMP is going to win, hands down, each and every time. Don’t even think about microblading for your scalp.