Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

Clinics the world over are being asked is scalp micropigmentation safe? And in essence, yes, it is wholly so. However, there are some certain advisory cautions to adhere to if you wish to receive your treatment completely without risk. So to delve a little further…

What is SMP and How Does it Work?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short, is a life-changing aesthetics treatment. It doesn’t work like other hair restoration procedures in that it won’t come with a promise of promoting new hair growth. Instead, it conceals the devastation hair loss leaves behind. Because of this, it is the only treatment that will actually provide the guarantee of a result.

This contemporary treatment is administered using a technique tantamount to tattooing. Natural pigments are applied to the scalp in a series of tiny dots, that resemble imitation hair follicles, using a machine fitted with a microneedle. The result, once treatment is complete, is that of a freshly barbered buzz cut or in the case of diffuse thinning, will provide you with underly shading giving an appearance of volume.

Risk Factors Linked to Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

It is a known fact that the minute the barrier of your skin is broken, there is a risk of infection. For this reason, exercising extreme due diligence when opting for any given clinic or technician is key. Once your decision is made and you’ve found a possible clinic, these are the elements you should take into consideration before handing over your first binding payment :

  • Does your chosen clinic follow appropriate hygiene guidelines? These should be very obvious. Gloves and protective films on equipment. Are all needles new for each treatment administered? Does the clinic appear to be scrupulously clean?

  • Risk factors are not just linked to hygiene. There is also the matter of technician capabilities. Verify that sufficient training has taken place and also that the products they are using are suited to scalp micropigmentation treatments. All pigments should contain natural ingredients and pigment depth is a key part of correctly administered treatment.

  • Ask to see before and after photographs of already completed treatments. Your clinic should be able to provide you with these or alternatively, search through the gallery on their social media platforms to get an idea.

The takeaway from this article really is that scalp micropigmentation is an ultimately safe treatment. The biggest risk factor involved in SMP has to be using a technician that is inexperienced. Regulations in the industry are still in the early stages of development. This means that it can be quite easy to fall onto the dark side of the trade. Exercising due diligence, as mentioned above, is the only way to avoid stumbling into this trap. Don’t hesitate to ask your technician where they’ve trained, ask how long their training took place and do your research on the academy they used.

So let’s revert to the initial question, is scalp micropigmentation safe? Yes, and here at Jackson SMP we are fully trained in all treatments and Jackson Lamar is passionate about the industry. If you are looking to receive more information then reach out to us right here.