Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

As with any treatments you receive, there are rituals to respect. So it should come as no surprise that there are before and after scalp micropigmentation care routines to take into consideration.

It will be fairly obvious why we need to adhere to these said before and aftercare SMP guidelines, with the main one, safety, always hitting that top spot. However, another reason to stick to a fairly rigid and recommended program has to be as it ensures the longevity of the treatment itself.

But you’d be amazed how quickly people let this slide. After a couple of days, they kind of feel alright. Their scalp micropigmentation is nicely settling in and then, wham, off they go down to the beach to soak up those rays or just decide to stand under the shower for an hour.

So now we’ve got the reasons for a great before and after SMP care program covered, the sole remaining question is what does it entail to get the best out of your scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Before and Aftercare recommendations for Scalp Micropigmentation

Before your SMP treatment :

  • If you suffer from dry skin, in the build-up to your treatment, use a moisturizer both morning and night. If your skin is hydrated, it’s a much easier canvas for your technician.

  • Let your suntan fade to normal levels so that colours can be suitably matched to an original skin tone.

  • Lay off the liquor for a few days. Additionally, if you’re taking any form of blood thinners, get advice from your doctor pre-treatment.

  • If possible, shave your head in advance. Of course, this can also be done by your technician on the day of your first Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

  • And finally, if you going in cold, no initial consultation to discuss options, think about hairlines in advance.

Now the before SMP treatments are covered, what are the aftercare recommendations for scalp micropigmentation and how long do you need to adhere to them?

  • After scalp micropigmentation treatment, don’t be tempted to stand under a hot shower and above all, certainly don’t scrub. You’ll need to remain true to this SMP aftercare advice for at least 3 to 5 days.

  • For at least the full month post-treatment, avoid overly hot activities that will cause you to sweat such as the gym and saunas. In addition, do not be tempted to worship the UV’s. Tanning can have a detrimental effect on SMP treatments when it’s initially administered.

  • After the 3 to 5 day period is over, a gentle rinse under a cool shower is sufficient. If you are undergoing a second SMP session, maybe use a gentle moisturizer – and in an ideal world, one recommended by your clinic.

  • After a full week of no treatment, you can now begin to use soft and gentle products such as non-perfumed soaps and washes.

  • After 1 full month post-treatment, you can now hit the gym again, go back to the beach and resume your regular lifestyle.

Before and after scalp micropigmentation is not really a negotiable science if you wish to make the most out of your treatment. The best advice we can give is to stick to the regime like glue. It’s a brief moment of inconvenience but will pay dividends in the long-term.