Smp for men

Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly sophisticated aesthetic treatment which is performed solely by professional, and eminently skilled artists with an understanding of the industry.

How can smp help?

The beauty of this cosmetic enhancement is, once completed, treatment doesn’t particularly need specific long-term care or maintenance. It’s so simple, that you’ll be astounded by how you’ll not need to invest in expensive products and potions for upkeep.

Also known as SMP, it’s a technique tantamount to tattooing whereby pigments are implanted into the scalp using a microneedle. The result is a series of tiny dots which mimic hair follicles, creating a natural appearance of a freshly barbered buzz-cut. Suitable for all types of complexions, this ground-breaking treatment is not only becoming a household name, its changing the lives of men across the globe.

In the industry of hair restoration, scalp micropigmentation is the holistic approach as a solution against hair loss. Hair loss is notoriously difficult to treat, with men experiencing it, the world over and time and again. Treating thinning hair to a simple receding hairline, SMP can restore your confidence being it’s a permanent solution that’s guaranteed to be a resounding success. It’s oh so simple and really, that easy.

after scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is your solution

Whenever clients come to Jackson SMP two of the main questions are how long each treatment will take and also how many treatments to achieve the desired result. Yet these questions do primarily depend on the extent of thinning or loss. However, estimations can be easily made using a specific grading system in accordance with the range of hair loss you’re experiencing alongside a prediction for future loss.

With an average treatment lasting between three to six hours, with pauses throughout for breath, your first treatment provides a light application to determine fading levels. This initial implantation of pigment will leave a delicate scattering of scalp micropigmentation which will require a layered top-up after approximately 1 week. Further treatments are in accordance with desires and hair loss severity and work continues until the desired effect is achieved.

Once your final treatment is completed, you’ll be given specific instructions for aftercare with full advice about how to ensure the very best from your scalp micropigmentation. Adhering to SMP aftercare tips is the key to the longevity of your procedure. Depending on your future care and the attention you pay to your newly administered treatment, top-ups will be required every 3 to 6 years to maintain your chosen appearance.

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