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Scalp Micropigmentation is not just for men – women also suffer from hair loss and thinning and need a permanent solution. However, it remains an undiscussed subject due to the societal pressures that associate our hair with femininity and beauty. Jackson Lamar wants to help you break the stigma, and get your confidence back!

Hair Loss treatment for women

The impact of hair loss on women can be emotionally challenging and can create a dent in confidence and levels of self-esteem. At our hair restoration clinic, our goal is to combat that damage with permanent hair loss solutions so that you can begin to rebuild your self-confidence. When treating women for hair loss we work hand-in-hand with you to understand the emotional impact and to tailor the treatment to achieve your desired look.

Our SMP process includes implanting natural pigments in your scalp to provide underlying shading through your existing hair. Our professional and experienced artists use precision to prevent damage to your current healthy hair follicles and to allow topical medications to continue to work. Scalp micropigmentation is the holistic approach and hair loss treatment that works.

Many women suffering from hair loss and thinning often spend inordinate amounts of money on fruitless treatments. At Jackson Lamar, we believe scalp micropigmentation can give you a guaranteed result that is worth the investment. Each of our treatments is specifically designed as a best-fit solution for the client we are working with. Our top priority is client satisfaction and a guarantee of outstanding results.

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How can scalp micropigmentation help hair loss in women?

Scalp Micropigmentation works by implanting miniature dots of pigment underneath the outer layer of your skin. You can think of the procedure as a hair tattoo. The pigments are administered using a microneedle and once this pin-prick has healed over, the said pigment becomes trapped, resulting in a semi-permanent marking that resembles hair follicles. The result is an underlying shading that sits comfortably beneath the existing hair to provide the appearance of hair density.

Also known as SMP, the treatment is non-invasive and uses natural pigments specifically designed for the procedure. This innovative form of hair restoration is rapidly becoming a household name as the number one treatment for hair loss in women. Here at Jackson Lamar SMP, we are a hair replacement clinic where compassion and discretion are guaranteed above all. We will provide you with the important details of the procedure and outstanding results.

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