Smp for Scarring

Scarring – your wound which marks the sign of a struggle, a story to be told. Of course, they are something to be proud of as a scar is part of the unique you.


Scars are character building and beautiful. But when located on the scalp they become tiresome owing to visibility. The constant questions of what they are, how they came about – it becomes a grind. Then there’s the daily psychological battle against scar reasons. It’s understandable why you are looking to conceal.

For every client who walks through our door, we have compassion and empathy. Understanding the hair loss industry is within our DNA, it’s who we are and what we represent. Yet scarring is different. The impact linked to psychological pain is different from most alopecias. And it’s the time when the scalp micropigmentation blood that runs through our veins speeds up and becomes a vital desire to administer to heal your soul.

The method behind the magic of scar concealment through scalp micropigmentation is to blend the discrepancies. The idea is to go into the scar tissue, administering pigments, whilst also concentrating on the outer and surrounding zones. This will ensure artistic concealment which will draw the eye away from the visual sharpness of the scar. The SMP results are an even-toned illusion of hair to camouflage the offending area.

head scar patch
smp scar coverage


Reasons for scarring are wide and varied. But it’s without doubt, one of the most common cicatrice causes we see at Jackson SMP are from invasive medical intervention. In particular from either strip harvesting hair transplants and also follicle extraction transplants.
The former of the two transplant types is predominantly the most visible owing to the nature of the surgery involved. Unlike extraction where holes are punched into the scalp leaving pit-like scarring, strip harvesting leaves a blemish that’s more linear and conspicuous.

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Scalp Micropigmentation is the leading treatment for concealing and camouflaging scarring, no matter the cause of the marking. It’s an innovative and cutting-edge procedure which will be both permanent and effective. The psychological impact scarring can have on lives can be nothing short of destructive and demoralizing. Concealing your scar with SMP is a resounding way to begin to rebuild both confidence and self-esteem.

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