Scalp Micropigmentation For Bald Spots

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SMP is a life-changing treatment that is steadily making its mark as a household name. But what is it exactly, and does scalp micropigmentation for bald spots make a real difference?

Bald spots occur for several different reasons. The most common of them all has to be the classic case of male pattern baldness. It is a condition that accounts for 95% of baldness and it is estimated that around 35 million men suffer in the United States alone. However, this isn’t the only reason bald spots occur.

Alopecia Areata is a condition whereby coin-sized patches of hair loss appear across the scalp. Alopecia is the Latin term for baldness, with Areata referring to its patchy nature. It can affect people of any age but usually begins in adolescence and early adulthood. It can grow back as quickly as it appears and patches can move across the scalp.

In some cases, this unpredictable hair loss and regrowth episodes can last for years and the psychological damage it delivers is immeasurable.

The causes of this debilitating disorder are extremely misunderstood. However, research provides us with the knowledge that there are several underlying factors, in particular, changes in genetics that function in the hair, skin, and immune system.

For this reason, Alopecia Areata is classified as an immune system disorder.

How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Beneficial for Alopecia?

SMP works differently from other hair restoration procedures in that, unlike its counterparts it doesn’t promote new hair growth. Essentially, scalp micropigmentation is an aesthetic treatment that conceals the devastation that hair loss leaves behind.

SMP is administered by a fully trained and qualified practitioner who will implant natural pigments underneath the skin’s outer barrier using a handheld machine that’s been fitted with a microneedle. In the case of alopecia areata, the technician will work through the scalp and existing hair, section-by-section, implanting imitation hair follicles. The result is an underlying shading that gives the appearance of natural shading deeming the patch baldness invisible to the naked eye.

Psychological Impact of Alopecia Areata

Albeit the symptoms of Alopecia Areata do not cause physical pain, many with the condition report that the emotional pain can be overwhelming. The psychological consequences include increased levels of anxiety and depression, and levels of confidence and self-esteem can be left crushed. Medical solutions are notoriously unsuccessful in patch baldness and the failure to find a restorative cure can leave patients in extremely distressed states.

For this reason, SMP is a distinct way forward for anyone suffering from this debilitating disorder. The treatment is remarkably rapid and results, should one be eligible for the procedure, are guaranteed to work.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the Perfect Solution for Pattern Baldness and Alopecia, Schedule a Consultation Today!

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