Brow services. Eyebrow products. There is a heart-stopping number at our very reach which aims to earn us some pretty lush brows. But there’s only one treatment that is taking the world (and Instagram) by an incredibly forceful storm. Microblading. And, there is only one eyebrow specialist who knows everything there is to know about this semi-permanent treatment – Phibrows Artist, Tyrone Jackson.

Microbladed eyebrows in dallas

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure which uses tattoo techniques to produce the illusion of a thicker and fuller brow. It’s a method which can create a variety of appearances from the big and the bold through to a delicately natural finish. Color matches are made to tie in with the skin tone and hair shades and also to connect with the face shape of the client.

Microblading is the enhancement that gives you a more permanent solution.

Results after microblading are not only seamless, they will last anywhere between one to three years, depending on your skin physiology. Each treatment will take around 30 to 45 minutes and then a follow-up is recommended for any final adjustments and modifications.

The key element to our brow services is client satisfaction and our satisfaction is knowing you’ll leave our clinic with an ultimate and perfect set of brows.

microblading eyebrows dallas

Natural microbladed brows

There is something that every beauty expert will tell you, as it’s something they all agree on. Having a great set of brows makes all the difference. Brows frame your face, can take years off your appearance and provide you with character and a presence that is both emotional and inspiring. But there is architecture involved in achieving those wow brows.

Which is why we listen to your desires and advise on perfecting aspirations.

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With a rich and varied knowledge on all micropigmentation treatments, we can guide you through designs and the decision making process for the ultimate brow success. Proud and passionate, client satisfaction is the conclusive goal – and it’s one that’s being constantly achieved courtesy of our creativity and dedication. Contact Jackson SMP today!