How To Find The Best Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Artist Worth Keeping

Finding the Best Micropigmentation Artist

So many artists to choose from. You are starting to see adverting for hair tattooing and are interested. You are scouring the internet to find out more about scalp micropigmentation and need clarification with all the information. How do I find a good artist? You have seen some beautiful treatments, and you have seen the horror. We want the best work but need clarification on all the information. With all the new artists out there, you need clarification on who you want to do your treatment with. We hear you; we see people like you every day. We will help remove some of the confusion so you may be more confident in choosing your artist. Here I want to show you how to get an artist you are pleased with; follow along.

Google It

Getting on Google is a great place to start. Most good artists will have an online presence or at least a website. Starting your research here would be wise. Start Googling scalp micropigmentation near me, hairline tattoo etc. Google scalp micropigmentation in the nearest big city, for example, scalp micropigmentation Dallas or scalp micropigmetation New York. Skip through the sponsored ads and review all the regular business listings on the first page. Get familiar with the artists and get educated on the process, from one artist to the next, and it should be consistent. Look at photos, their style, and their location, and get a feel for what you like. Go ahead and zoom in on those pictures. Starting your research on Google is the first place to start.

Study, Study, and Study

Pictures and reviews. Pictures and reviews have a way of telling you who you are dealing with. Look to see if the photos they are using are photoshopped. Check for consistency; some artists will use stock photos. Blow them up and head to their social media page to see if it matches their style. Save the ones you like to use as a reference.

You must read the reviews. Visit Google, Yelp, and Facebook and read those reviews. They will give you a brief overview of the artist you may wish to work with. You will want to look for the emotional testimonies satisfied clients leaves behind. You may get a feel if they are genuine if they move you. As you already know, some artists will use fake reviews, but you can spot them a mile away. Photos and reviews are great for telling the story of an individual you may be working with.

The Final Four

Well, the final three. You are well on your way to getting your hairline back. You will want to choose three artists from all your research who impressed you the most. Someone who you may resonate with. Only be sold on one artist once you talk to all your prospects. Reach out to the winning three by

phone call or email. Ask if they can do a 30-minute consultation, which should be free. You may do this in person or by phone. This will allow interviewing, so we will give you some questions you may want to ask. Choosing three artists will let you learn about the procedure and get a different perspective.

What Should I Ask?

While interviewing the artists, you must ask questions and take notes. Questions are asked so that you may see how knowledgeable about their product. You may want to ask these simple questions, but feel free to ask more.

  • How long have you been doing SMP? Length of time makes a difference. This will allow a person to see their results over time. The typical time frame should be over three years.
  • Do you have pictures of someone like me? Experience artists will have done a variety of looks that will fit your style and may have other options.
  • Are you certified, and where did you get your training? You want to research the trainer to see if you like their style. You may also want to reach out to their trainer, as they should have a working relationship. Only do this if you have doubts. You have to be at least mentored for one year. SMP cannot be learned in a 3-day class.
  • What type of Pigment do you use? You may want to research the products as you may be allergic to a specific product. Or even worse, one maybe use cheaper products without a history of results.
  • How much is your cost? Get an estimate and the breakdown. Never negotiate. You definitely will pay for what you get. You will never want price to be a determining factor.
  • This is optional, you may want to ask to see one of their previous clients. Sometimes this may take too long to arrange, or some clients want to be private.
    Other questions you may want to ask are what are the payment options and plans, and what guarantees do they offer

Be bold in the interviewing process. You must do your due diligence and research; this is the number one way to get a great hairline. You are responsible for your treatment; by law, you must sign a consent form before beginning your treatment.

Choosing Your New Artist

Now, this is the part where you pick your artist. You did an outstanding job in your research. Most of the time, this part is easy. It is always one artist that will stand out and be a good fit for you. Your artist was informative and never pushy. They knew what looked good on you and were a pleasure to talk to. They seemed to be knowledgeable and honest. When researching, take all your findings and see if there is some consistency. Do the pictures match the quality of what you have seen online? Do the reviews describe the person you have spoken to? Avoid artists who have been trained in three days or less. In choosing an artist, I have seen some clients wait for six months before they make the decision. They shared with me that they are looking to see some consistency in their work. Choose your artist wisely, and please take your time to research.

Scalp micropigmetation, for most, has been the best money ever spent. We enjoy our new confidence. Open up Google and look at some artists in your area. At Jackson Lamar, we have done hundreds of clients and will happily help you. Reach www.jacksonsmp.com.