How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Cost?

Are You Interested in Getting Scalp Micropigmentation?

You have heard and seen scalp micropigmentation or the hairline tattoo and thought “How cool is this?”. You have tried other hair loss solutions that brought you little to no results. Now, you are interested in scalp micropigmentation. You are doing research and looking at pictures and feel that this may be a solution that will work for you. You’ve spent time and money on too many hair loss solutions that have failed or were too costly. I know, because I’ve been there. But now you see that the SMP is a solution that promises immediate results. Awesome! But, how much does a scalp micropigmentation cost?

“How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?” is a popular question we are often asked by SMP clients in our consultation. I understand, they just want to know if they can afford it or if SMP is worth pursuing. “How do I get pricing or how do they price this?” I got you covered and I want you to feel confident about the SMP procedure. We love it when our customers are informed buyers about our pricing.

Scalp micropigmentation is a hair loss solution that provides immediate results. It is a medical hair tattoo that conceals hair loss. In comparison, to other hair loss solutions, messy hair fibers, hair transplants, and hair systems have too much maintenance. You will be shocked at the value of the bald head tattoo. Let’s see!

What Influences Affect The Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation?

  • Clients may request a style change after the completed work. Scarring cover-ups will require more work.
  • The amount of hair loss. The more severe the hair loss, the more work and time are required.
  • Experienced SMP artists will cost a bit more than new SMP artists who will be a little less expensive, as they may be building their portfolios. It would be wise to ask about their level of training and their number of years in the practice. WARNING: Ask to see their personal SMP results to see the quality of their work! Always remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Geographics or location will play a part. Bigger cities may be more expensive than a city with smaller populations. Artists in bigger cities may be more experienced. Clients tend to search for a popular city rather than a less known city.

Ok, So How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

Most SMP practitioners base their prices on the Norwood Scale above. It is safe to say the average cost of scalp micropigmentation ranges from $1800 to $4000 depending on the amount of hair loss. The amount of hair loss is measured on the Norwood Scale. Norwood II(2) would have less hair loss than Norwood VII(7). Go ahead and take a look at your hair loss and see where you measure on the Norwood Scale.

Why Choose Jackson Lamar SMP?

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Go ahead and make the first step, contact Jackson Lamar SMP and book a free consultation, video chat, or submit photos so we can give you an accurate quote. Got questions? Contact us! Let’s get it done!