How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost? – How is it Calculated?

As far as hair loss solutions go, SMP is one that certainly comes under the banner of affordable. If you really investigate the cost of scalp micropigmentation, you’ll find it runs in at much less than its close counterparts, the hair transplant, a hair system, and even medication. In addition to the fact of it being an affordable solution, another huge benefit to SMP is that its one that is guaranteed to work.

But how do technicians and clinics work out the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatments? What are the elements involved in cost breakdowns?

How Cost for SMP is Calculated

Your Level of Hair Loss

This has to be one of the biggest defining factors when technicians calculate the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment. Using the Norwood Scale for men or Ludwig for women, which are the standard hair loss classification systems, one can determine the degree of hair loss and build it into costings accordingly. The two former mentioned scales are known world-over and were designed to evaluate how far your hair loss has progressed using a chart with visible illustrations.

Treatment Required

Moving on from hair loss levels, the next factor involved in the cost breakdowns of scalp micropigmentation is the amount of treatment needed. If we take the example of scar concealment work. The level of skill and time involved in the process is long and meticulous.

Owing to intensity a technician will need to work in short bursts, taking regular breaks, to ensure a razor-sharp finish. With such levels of additional complexity, the timescales involved are much more important than that of standard pattern baldness at its midway stages.

In addition to the cost linked to treatment complexities, another factor can change your SMP cost on either side of the goalposts. If you decide, halfway through treatment, to make changes or add sessions to your ongoing procedure, the price of scalp micropigmentation is going to alter.

Skin Physiology – it’s not all the same

Every single one of us is unique. Our genetic coding is such that we’re all wired differently. Some of us have thick skin (in more than one sense of the word), and some of us have skins that are dry or delicate. There is scar tissue that changes skin types, tones, and hues which needs to be considered.

No practitioner can know how it’s going to work until they’ve seen their client and assessments according to these factors are made. In simple terms, your skin type plays a part in structuring the cost of SMP.

Size Matters

This is a subject that can be delicate for some. It’s probably an idea to mention we don’t wish to make anyone awkward or conscious, size does matter. And, if the surface area needing SMP is somewhat large, the price is going to rise. Each follicle needs to be accounted for which means that each one, in turn, will need to be paid for.

SMP Technician Skill-Set and Experience

Anyone that’s done their homework on scalp micropigmentation treatments will know, regulations could be better. It’s also a well-known fact that in life, you get exactly what you pay for which is also the case with SMP. You will always be able to find cheap scalp micropigmentation deals. Some that run at next to nothing overseas.

However, anyone receiving this innovative and ground-breaking treatment also should be thinking carefully before proceeding. SMP is a life-changing treatment because it lasts a long time. It also is extremely visible. A decent practitioner who values his or her career path will spend time, money and immense amounts of energy on training, resulting in experience and talent.

This is invariably going to cost more than someone who has not invested their soul into the industry.

Where You Receive SMP Treatment will Affect the Cost

Scalp micropigmentation costs can really vary. That is pretty clear. However, one factor that is rarely considered is that certain world regions demand higher running costs than others. If you are looking for treatment in New York City, it is fairly evident the cost is going to be higher than providers in smaller cities.

Here at Jackson SMP, we know we are competitively priced yet offer services and procedures that merit the training and experience needed to provide a blue-chip treatment. As one of the best SMP artists in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have an unparalleled source of experience and information that we can transfer to you, the client. Scalp Micropigmentation is, in the long run, a reliable and cost-effective hair loss solution that can alter not only a personal appearance but also levels of confidence and self-esteem.

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