Hair Loss Symptoms: What to Look Out For

Hair loss can sneak up on you. You think a spot seems thinner but write it off as your imagination. Then suddenly, an entire section is gone.

How do you catch it before it gets to such a horrifying point?

This guide will show you the hair loss symptoms you need to watch out for most.

1. Bald Spots

It’s normal to lose some hair. In fact, on average, we shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. However, what isn’t normal is losing hair at an alarming rate or losing hair that’s never replaced with new strands. If you’re noticing bald spots in your mane, there’s reason to worry. Keep an eye on the bald patch to see if it’s an anomaly that straightens itself out or something more.

2. Widening Part

This will often be the first physical sign you see. This is because it’s usually where thinning begins. Your scalp shouldn’t be blatantly visible on your part. If there is a gap between the sides, as if there are two different sections, it could mean those follicles are no longer active. This is not normal, and you should consult your doctor.

3. Thinning

You notice your scalp is more visible in places. You run your fingers through your hair, and it feels barren. When you’re putting up your ponytail, you have to loop it through an extra time. You also see more of your scalp. These are all indicators that your hair is thinning.

4. Pain, Itching, Or Burning

You’re always trying to find moments when no one is looking, so you can scratch your head. You didn’t always itch this much! Pain, itching, or burning sensations are all hair loss symptoms. Often, thinning stems from a condition known as alopecia. One of the telltale signs is itching because your scalp is infected. If this is chronic and the other signs are there, it’s time to act.

What To Do if You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss. You can always try out remedies such as essential oils, special shampoos, scalp massages, and vitamins (especially B, C, and D). If these methods don’t work, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. They can provide medical or cosmetic solutions to the problem; for example, scalp micropigmentation is the world’s leading hair loss solution, and we offer it here at Jackson SMP. In the United Kingdom, Advanced SMP also offers this life-changing solution.