Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake?

The primary purpose of scalp micropigmentation is to recreate a look that is not only natural but also wholesome. It’s no huge statement piece and a finished treatment should be indistinguishable from that of a genuine hairline. Does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No, provided you get it right.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Also known by its abbreviated version, SMP, it is a cosmetic treatment that is both cutting-edge and innovative. It differs from its close counterparts in that it doesn’t promote new hair growth, moreover, it conceals the damaging effects hair loss brings. This means that scalp micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure that comes with a guarantee of successful SMP results.

Techniques used in administering SMP are tantamount to that of tattooing. A technician who is specifically qualified and trained in scalp micropigmentation will implant pigments in the form of a series of tiny dots across the scalp. To do this, a machine fitted with a micro-needle is used over a period of carefully planned and spaced-out sessions. Once healed the pigment implants will form an indelible mark that will fade after three to five years. Once treatment is fully completed, your finished appearance is one that is of an iconic and freshly barbered buzz-cut or underlying shading where diffuse thinning has occurred.

Once fade-times kick in, top-ups or modifications are both quick and easy, provided you’ve received professional treatment from the outset. It’s crucial to note that SMP and tattooing techniques are much the same, however, administering the pigments alongside pigment ingredients is not the same as that of a tattoo. Tattooists should not be administering scalp micropigmentation unless they are specifically trained to do so.

Ensuring a Natural Look With Scalp Micropigmentation

General standards in the scalp micropigmentation industry are rapidly changing. They are decidedly more professional than they previously were and this has allowed SMP to become one of the leading household names as a hair restoration solution. The idea behind this contemporary procedure is to administer a durable and maintenance-free look that is indistinguishable from that of a natural hairline. To ensure this happens, there are key elements you’ll want to adhere to.

The first is down to opting for the best SMP artist for treatment. Choose wisely from the outset and the rest should, in theory, slot right into place. Once you’ve established your clinic, ensure the hairline you decide upon is a sensible one. Ask for advice from your technician during your first consultation.

All technicians are trained in face shape architecture and they’ll be able to suggest a best-fit solution. They will know what suits – and what doesn’t suit. Avoid trends that will quickly date and also be wary of any sharp lines, edges, or points.

In addition to the above, ensure you arrive at all your consultations with a natural skin tone. If you’ve recently tanned, leave it a couple of weeks to settle back down to your natural complexion shade. This guarantees a sensible hair color and tone.

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