Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

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A commonly asked question in the SMP industry is does scalp micropigmentation hurt?
In essence, providing a solid answer to this question is quite difficult to do. The bottom line is pain thresholds vary. However, if you take a reality check on the situation, scalp micropigmentation uses a needle to administer treatment. It’s not that it penetrates particularly deeply.

However, the barrier of your skin needs to be broken so that pigment can be implanted underneath. And located underneath that said barrier are your pain receptors. The upshot concerning your treatment, you are going to feel it.

In addition to the above, now is probably the time to mention that each person also has a different experience when receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment. Not only from a sensitivity point of view but also the reason treatment is being administered. Certain zones across the scalp can be more sensitive than others and also, where tissue damage is present, this can create a sensation that is different from that of an unblemished site.

So what is the general feedback from clients during treatment? How does a customer know what to expect and how do they gauge the element of pain? The general rule of thumb seems to be an initial sensation of pain that quickly subsides and is switched for discomfort that, in turn, is rapidly adjusted to.

How to Make Your SMP Treatment a More Comfortable Experience

Opting for scalp micropigmentation as a hair restoration solution is a life-changing decision. It isn’t one that’s made lightly and we are sure most of you have done your homework in advance. However, does it really need to be an experience of discomfort? Here are a few things you can do to help the process run more smoothly:

  • Make sure you turn up to the clinic relaxed and comfortable. There are no dress codes and so there is no point in arriving in your finery. Sweatpants for comfort, your Airpods, and a playlist at the ready. Snacks for downtime are a great idea and always ensure when making your clinic choice, that you are fully at ease with your chosen SMP practitioner.
  • Ask your technician about numbing creams if you are particularly worried. It is useful to note that they are not the ideal solution as they can affect pigments and how the treatment implants certain skin types.
  • Taking painkillers an hour in advance of treatment is also a great way to ease the level of discomfort and initial pain. It is again, useful to note, that any anticoagulants, including Aspirin, are not advisable during scalp micropigmentation treatments. If you are taking any type of blood thinner, speak to your medical professional before agreeing to the procedure.
  • And finally, mindset. Ensure you have a good and stable frame of thought before you begin. Deep breaths, mindfulness, and even ten minutes of yoga beforehand may help. It is widely believed that pain and the way you address pain in your mind are linked. Don’t rule relaxation techniques out.

Jackson SMP Provides a Comfortable Experience With Our SMP Treatments

Considering treatment and still wondering if scalp micropigmentation hurts? You should reach out to us today and talk to us about your fears. We are always on hand to help and we are interested in hearing about your hair loss journey.