How to Choose the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Scalp micropigmentation is a contemporary treatment that’s life-changing. It’s a huge decision to undertake and will remain visible for years to come. So choosing the best scalp micropigmentation artist for your procedure is crucial.

What is SMP?

Also known as SMP, scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that is non-invasive, and categoric in its design to conceal damage that hair thinning or loss can leave behind. The administering of this cutting-edge treatment is a precise science. Tiny dots of natural pigments are implanted underneath the outer layer of skin, lightly infiltrating through to the second layer of your skin, known as the dermis.

The process is carried out using a machine that has a microneedle attached to it. Any given scalp micropigmentation session takes a number of hours, however, once completed, the results are a flawless finish of imitation hair follicles which conceal the visual effects of hair loss.

Each treatment is bespoke to its recipient. An SMP artist who administers scalp micropigmentation must undergo a stringent training process to ensure a full and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of skin physiology, color therapy, and pigment handling. This is why choosing the best SMP artist to administer your treatment is a difficult decision to make.

So what should you be asking a technician when making your SMP clinic choices for treatment? How do you avoid falling into the dark side of scalp micropigmentation?

Choosing the best scalp micropigmentation artist – the questions you should ask

  • How long has your chosen technician been administering scalp micropigmentation treatments?
  • Does your technician have a portfolio of previous clients where you see their already completed works?
  • Where did your chosen technician train?
  • Do they specialize in particular treatments such as scar concealments and if it’s for this particular procedure, what the extent of camouflaging will be?
  • What is the depth of penetration for implanted pigments?
  • Which pigments does the technician prefer to use and why?
  • How many scalp micropigmentation sessions will you require?
  • How long will your own particular scalp micropigmentation treatment take?
  • How long will the treatment last before requiring top-ups?
  • What are treatment costs and is can the price be capped?
  • How much down payment in advance and is this refundable for cancellation?
  • What are the guarantees attached to treatments?

Taking the choice of going ahead with any SMP treatment is no small undertaking. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the decision is life-changing. It’s essential you reach a conclusion based on correct and logical information. Base your decision on facts and instinct but also base it on comfort with the technician you are considering.

Should you be looking to conceal the heart-breaking effects hair loss brings, a bad scalp micropigmentation will break you even more. Establish your hairline in advance before embarking on the procedure and make sure you are 100% and then some before placing your hand in your pocket and spending those hard-earned dollars.

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