Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Deals – are they really worth it?

Cheap scalp micropigmentation deals. What is the bottom line? Are they worth it and really, should we be looking to save on the wallet for something so life-changing and important?

We all love a bargain. And finding a cheap SMP deal is an easy enough thing to do. Scalp micropigmentation is now a firm fixture on the household name map, meaning SMP clinics can be found in pretty much every major town and city.

Scalp Micropigmentation Gone Wrong Can Be Devastating and Expensive

You can combine treatment with a nice overseas trip, build a vacation into the deal at the same time. But is this really a sensible move? Because scalp micropigmentation gone wrong can be absolutely devastating – and incredibly expensive to rectify.

Anyone who has traveled the hair loss journey will be fully aware that finding a hair restoration solution is an extremely personal affair. There are the invariable psychological attachments that go hand-in-hand with the condition and unimaginable depredation on self-esteem if treatment goes wrong. For this very reason, it’s crucial to not fall onto the dark side of the scalp micropigmentation trade.

So how exactly can you avoid this? And is SMP really one of those cost and corner-cutting exercises?

3 Warning Signs Attached to Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Deals

  • Some clinics will offer a one-off umbrella costing for scalp micropigmentation. For any reputable clinic, this is impossible to do. Each hair loss condition is different, only rough estimations can be given. Correctly priced treatments can only be provided after seeing the client in question. The best SMP artist and best-fit hair restoration solutions come with a bespoke price.
  • Qualification levels of your provider. This is also crucial given the lack of regulations in the industry. A professional practitioner will be able to provide you with information on where their training took place and for how long. Under-qualified practitioners should be avoided at all costs.
  • Technicians that are trained in scalp micropigmentation are the only people that should be administering treatment. There are many trades that use similar techniques such as microblading practitioners or tattoo artists. It is crucial to note that albeit the techniques used to administer treatments are similar, the pigment depths are not. Do not get sucked into a cheap SMP deal from anyone other than an SMP technician. Also note, some practitioners are trained in more than one of the above professions.

When Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Deals are Good Deals

  • It does happen. You can find a cheap scalp micropigmentation deal that will work. This usually goes hand-in-hand with newly trained technicians that need to build a portfolio to encourage other new clients. Often their knowledge is fresh and worth the risk so really, don’t rule it out. However, you will be left without the gallery of before and after SMP photos as a reference to their work.
  • And finally, not particularly under the banner of cheap scalp micropigmentation deals, but if you are struggling to find the dollars for your treatment, consider looking for a clinic that offers payment plans. This is a great way to feel like you’ve got a deal on your professional and enviable scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Jackson Lamar SMP Provides Affordable Scalp Micropigmentation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Beware of cheap SMP deals and unqualified practitioners. Work with the best SMP artists with the qualifications, training, and experience to give you the best SMP procedure the first time. Jackson Lamar SMP specializes in scalp micropigmentation for men and women, hair restoration, scarring, and alopecia.

Contact us for additional questions, to discuss payment options, or to schedule a free SMP consultation today!