Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Results – How to Avoid Them

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Bad scalp micropigmentation results are crammed onto social media sites and the internet. Tap the phrase in your search bar and you’ll see some pretty alarming examples. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Correctly administered scalp micropigmentation treatments carried out by a fully qualified and experienced practitioner are the only way to avoid bad results.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Tattoo?

SMP is administered by a professional technician implanting pigments that are natural underneath your skin’s outer layer. The layer that the implants are placed into, is called the Dermis which is directly below the waterproof outer barrier. The SMP procedure takes the form of a series of tiny dots which represent imitation hair follicles and are administered with a handheld machine fitted with a microneedle. The implants are placed at a specific depth which allows a maintained control over their shape.

This is a crucial piece of the jigsaw puzzle owing to the anatomy of the collagen fibers being different from those you find deeper within the Dermis. The further down the more elasticated the collagen becomes. Beyond the Dermis is an additional layer of fatty tissue. If a practitioner places the implant into any of these elasticated or tissue layers, the pigment will become blurred and spread, resulting in an appearance that is not only unsightly – but also one of permanency.

As the result, it is critically important that you do your homework before receiving SMP hair treatment. Yes, it is expensive, yes it takes time. But if you cut corners and your technician is not qualified in scalp micropigmentation techniques, it is disastrous.

The 3-step process to ensure correct results from scalp micropigmentation

  1. Verify your SMP practitioner has received the correct training.

    Your SMP artist should be professionally trained and hold a full and comprehensive knowledge of skin physiology, color science, and treatment challenges. They should understand how to work on damaged scalp surfaces resulting from scarring, know how to blend colors seamlessly with a client’s complexion and as mentioned above, be knowledgeable of how deep pigments should be implanted.

    The only way that a technician can gain this level of expertise is through intensive training that takes energy and dedication. Using an underqualified practitioner is a risky business. Don’t hesitate to verify your chosen clinic and its practitioners before agreeing to treatment.

  2. Even qualified SMP artists have different reputations

    So check the reputation out. Never before has it been easier to verify professionalism. Browse through your chosen technicians’ reviews on social media, ask around your local neighborhood if you’re choosing someone close to home. Appropriately sparking reports of work are key. And if you’ve any queries over anything about customer opinions, don’t hesitate to speak out.

  3. Does your SMP artist make you feel at ease?

    And to finish, how do you feel when you are in the company of your chosen technician? Do they make you feel at ease? Do they appear to answer all of your queries without hesitation? Know what they’re talking about? If you’ve any doubts then ask yourself if they are really the right choice for you.

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